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If you are erectile impaired or have recently developed the condition, you now basically lack the capability in producing a useable penile erection you can use for sexual intercourse.  If you cannot produce an erection, your penis essentially lacks the strength and power to vaginally penetrate your sex partner.  This is why if you have erectile dysfunction (ED) you need to use PDE5 inhibitor drugs like avanafil to help you with your impairment so you can be able to produce the erection you need to have full use of your manhood.  Avanafil is actually the most recent addition to the family of PDE5 inhibitor drugs and is also one of the most effective after having undergone massive research and development.

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When it comes to ED treatment, it cannot be denied that the newcomer in the ED treatment industry has slowly gained grounds, giving the more established ED treatment drugs a run for their money.  In terms of effectiveness, not only are they losing clienteles to avanafil, but they are also losing in the prescription market as more and more doctors are actually prescribing avanafil to their patients.  There are now more online shops that have avanafil for sale than ever before.  The market for this ED treatment drug is thriving not because of marketing campaigns, but because of the testimonials of the many who have had the opportunity to try it and experience how great and solid it is to use avanafil in treating their ED issues.  This is why if you want to use avanafil, you will be happy to know that there are now numerous shops that have avanafil for sale.