Combat Erectile Dysfunction with Avanafil for Sale

Erectile dysfunction (abbreviated ED) actually affects an approximate number of 30 million men in the USA, and that number is anticipated to increase as the population of the elderly goes up as time passes by.  Because of the fact that more and more men these days struggle with the negative effects and outcomes of erectile dysfunction in their quality of daily living, the need for tested proven, effective and relatively safe therapeutical methods has significantly increased.  One of the most common and easy ways on how to combat erectile dysfunction is to purchase some avanafil for sale.

For the past 10+ years, oral medication called PDE5 inhibitors have been the go-to drugs for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.  Doctors have used these drugs as a first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction for their male patients.  If you are someone who’s been in the past or currently been plagued by the bad effects of erectile dysfunction, then you would definitely know these 3 ED drugs: sildenafil, vardenafil and taladalafil.  Despite these treatment options that have proven to be extremely helpful for other men; unfortunately, a lot also have felt dissatisfied due to many different reasons such as prolonged effect, slow onset of action, tolerability problems, and deficient in potency.  Thankfully, newer PDE5 inhibitors have been made, namely avanafil for sale.

What makes avanafil for sale a very good treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction issues is that it has a very quick onset of action unlike the other older PDE5 inhibitors.  When you take avanafil for sale, you will definitely notice its effect quickly manifesting in your body as it is absorbed quickly, making you ready for your pleasurable encounter in just about 30 to 45 minutes.  For the lucky two-thirds of the test subjects who were given avanafil for sale, they were able to commence quickly in their lovemaking in just as little as 15 minutes!

Also, a very good thing about men who buy avanafil for sale is that they do not have to worry about its concentration in their bodies.  The duration of the action of avanafil for sale is a mere 6 hours, compared to the other PDE5 inhibitors that last from 10 hours up to 36 hours!  Moreover, you are not restricted to eat high-fat meals when you buy avanafil for sale and take it, unlike sildenafil and vardenafil that warns you against taking high-fat food during treatment since it will affect the efficiency significantly.

Before you go ahead and buy avanafil for sale to try on for size, you should know that they only come in the form of tablets for oral administration.  For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the recommended intake is 100 mg as a single dosage. It has to be taken not more than once per day, and it should be taken at around 15 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity.  Depending on your overall condition, lifestyle and other factors, your doctor will have to adjust your dosage intake as needed.  Keep in mind that you must not take more than 200 mg of avanafil for sale in a single day.