What Are the Side Effects Of Celebrex Generic

Pain is inevitable whether we like it or not. At some point in our lives, we may experience pain due to an injury or a medical condition. As we age, we tend to experience more of pain, affecting our normal activities. Even common tasks can be painful, such as walking, doing small chores at home, or even jogging. All of these are the realities of people at older age where their muscles and joints have become inflamed due to the years of wear and tear. For people with arthritis, the pain can be most of the time unbearable and you just feel desperate for medications that will help you give long relief from the pain. Celebrex generic is simply the best example of medicines that can effectively relieve the pain. Celebrex generic is not just good at relieving pain caused by arthritis but almost any types of pain caused by any types of medical disorders. Doctors can also prescribe their patients with Celebrex generic during their post surgery to relieve pain caused by the incision.

Known as a type of NSAID, Celebrex generic is actually a cox-2 inhibitor. From the description alone, we can say that Celebrex generic is used to inhibit activities of cox-2 enzymes which trigger the reaction to pain. Our bodies normally produce chemicals as a reaction to tissue injuries or inflammations, and these chemicals send signals to the brain and are being interpreted as pain. Despite of the many benefits of Celebrex generic, there are side effects that every patient taking this drug must be aware of. Although doctors would usually weigh the pros and cons before he can prescribe you this drug, it is still worthwhile to know what these potential side effects are so that you will know what to do in case you experience any of the symptoms.

Celebrex generic, although only inhibits the cox-2 enzymes, can have the possibility to cause stomach discomforts or abdominal pain. If this is followed with vomiting, unusual weakness, loss of vision, black or tarry stools, sweating, skin rashes, fever, sore throat, chest pain, chills, numbness in the arms or feet, and many other symptoms which occurred after you have taken the drug, stop taking celebrex generic and consult your doctor as soon as possible. These symptoms could be indicators of drug overdosage, drug intolerance or reactions, drug allergies, or a medical condition that has gone worst due to the medication.

Generally, celebrex generic is safe to be taken and most patients have been given relief from their conditions without side effects. However, if you have taken celebrex generic for a long time, you have to ask advises from your doctor regarding the withdrawal symptoms and the side effects of long term usage of the drug.

Children and pregnant women should consult their doctor before trying celebrex generic. Before you start taking celebrex generic, it is very important that you discuss the treatment with your doctor. Celebrex generic is not for self-medication or recreational purposes.